Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Windows CE 6.0 and SDKs

Every time you have to develop an application using VS2005 for Windows CE devices (smart devices) you have to generate the SDK associated to the OSDesign used to generate the current Windows CE binary image.
The SDK contains all the API enabled by selecting components in the OSDesign for the Common component and specific components (drivers, BSP applications, ...). Those APIs will be available in you VS2005 project, so the compiler will be able to build your application. This protect you on the usage of unsupported API by your Windows CE Image, in that case checking is done a build time and not at runtime.
Under VS2005 development environment they are some restrictions, that will be solved in the future by Microsoft (Hope so !). You must add the following components to your OSDesign, even if you do not need those functionalities :
  • AYGShell API Set
  • Windows Networking API/Redirector (SMB/CIFS)
Otherwise you will have that kind of error during the build :
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'winnetwk.h': No such file or directory


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Anonymous said...

Thanks; I am building an MFC application using a Windows CE 6.0 SDK and I was experiencing these errors. Your blog post has enabled my Hello World application to work.