Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Debugging technics for Windows CE (Part 1)

Everybody want to reduce the time used to debug developments, so I will share with you my tips to spend less time in debugging for your drivers, applications ...
First things that we can avoid is to download the Windows CE image to the device every time we made a modification of the driver or the application. So the idea is to exclude the driver or the application from the nk.bin. So in that case how my driver or application can be loaded ?
If KITL is enable in your Windows CE image you have by default an NFS (Network Filesystem) mounted in the RAM filesystem under Release folder. This NFS is the content of you _FLATRELEASEDIR on you desktop computer. By using this NFS you can access the content of your _FLATRELEASEDIR directly from Windows CE. When accessing a file for loading, the OS is using this NFS partition to find missing files in the current RAM filesystem. In our case the file is not available in the RAM filesystem but in the NFS partition, so the OS will copy it from this network path to the RAM filesystem.
In other words, if your binary file is not in the NK.bin but available on your harddrive in the _FLATRELEASEDIR, the system will be able to load it.

You can imagine now how to avoid the download of the Windows CE image every time you modify your source code.


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