Monday, October 8, 2012

Adeneo Embedded announces the availability of the official Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference BSP for i.MX6

i.MX6x Saber Lite
Adeneo Embedded, in collaboration with Freescale, releases the official reference BSP for i.MX6, targeting SABRE LITE development platform. Beyond a standard set of drivers leveraging i.MX6 chipset capabilities, this BSP brings unique set of features such as full NDIS6 Ethernet driver, SMP support or Multi-monitor graphical support.
A binary demo image is available for free download directly on Adeneo Embedded website at
Licensing of the source code BSP will be publicly available soon. For customers needing to start their development immediately, Adeneo Embedded proposes an “early adoption” program. Please contact for more details on how to access to the BSP source code prior the public release.

- Nicolas