Monday, August 17, 2009

Windows Embedded CE self pace training

Joe Broxon from Adeneo Corporation release few months from now a self pace training on Windows Embedded CE 6.0. This video has been realized during a training done at Microsoft.

- Nicolas

Windows Embedded web cast and videos

Joe Broxon from Adeneo Corporation just release new web casts on the Windows Embedded Standard technology.
The first three are webcasts, they are all 100 level, but are a good explanation of some of the other embedded technologies from Microsoft besides Windows Embedded CE. Here are the links:

- Nicolas

Friday, August 7, 2009

WES 2009 Installation Error

While installing Windows Embedded Standard 2009 you probably already experienced different errors.

  • Error 1:
    An error occurs, but no details are provided, and the system revert the complete installation of the tools. In this case it means probably that the WES Iso access run into time out, really plausible while installing the tools through a network share. In this case, burn the DVD and restart installation.
  • Error 2:
    After the tools installed, the installer is updating the content of the component repository. The repository is always located here \\device name\Repositories (where device name is the name of the host computer). This folder is a shared folder on the system and depending on the security settings on your computer this share can potentially write protected by default. For this reason installation tool is no capable to copy the files to the folder and you will have the following error message.

    To Fix this, simply change the share properties and it the retry button.
Hope this will helps you to install the tools :-)
- Nicolas

WES 2009 and WinPE scripting [updated]

Every time you use Windows Embedded Standard, you have to prepare the target hard drive to make it bootable and ready to receive the new generated WES image. In this case I'm using a customized WinPE 2.0 iso to boot the target device (tool retrieve from the Windows Automated Installation KIT or AIK).

Prepare Hard drive scripts :

  • diskpart.script : this script will remove the existing partitions of the drive 0, and create a new one of 800 MB (in my case to leave empty space for the EWF feature)
list disk
select disk 0
create partition primary size=800
select part 1
assign letter=C
format fs=ntfs quick
list part
  • prepdisk.bat : this script launch diskpart with the upper script in parameter, followed by bootsec to store the Windows XP boot sector.
@echo off
echo ---------------------------------------------------------
echo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ THIS CAREFULLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
echo You are ready to erase the content of your hardrive
echo Do you want to continue - Press Ctrl + C to quit
echo ---------------------------------------------------------
echo ---------------------------------------------------------
echo Are you really sure ?
echo Continue or Quit now by pressing Ctrl + C
echo ---------------------------------------------------------
diskpart /s .\diskpart.script
bootsect /nt52 c:
echo ---------------------------------------------------------
echo               ==== Disk Ready for WinPE ====
echo ---------------------------------------------------------
- Nicolas