Friday, July 16, 2010

Make Image and the "Out of buffer space" error

An error that you could face on is the "Out of buffer space" error occuring during the Windows CE makeimage step.

CeNlsCmp: JamoSort Compose: 1120
CeNlsCmp: Default Lang Except uppercase: 52
CeNlsCmp: Default Lang Except lowercase: 32
CeNlsCmp: 0 Lang Except tables: 0
Total data: 96714
CeNlsCmp: Done. Success parsing locale file
makeimg: FATAL ERROR: Out of buffer space.
makeimg: FATAL ERROR: Out of buffer space.

BLDDEMO: EVM_3530 build complete.
It just happens to me this morning, while buiding a RunTime image for a project, and even looking into the log and error files, no specific details should explain the reason why.
By looking more in details I found that the path to my reldir folder was longer than the previous projects I work on. So I moved my OSDesign to a different folder with a shorter path length. And it fix this issue.

So the make image process is waiting for a path that could not exceed a path length. In this case reduce this path length by renaming with shorter names the folder containing your OSDesign (if this one isn't located inside _WINCEROOT\OSDesigns folder)

- Nicolas

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djaus said...

Happened to me last night too and I found the same solution. I'll add a link to your comment to my blog.