Thursday, July 31, 2008

Registry Modifications Notifications

The Windows CE registry is a good place to store applications, users settings. Those information are shared between the different processes running on the system, so content can be modified from every where.
One concrete exemple, is the backlight control panel applet that allows user to change the different timeout for switching off the screen when user inactivity is detected.So when user make changes using this applet, registry content is modified to reflect the changes. At this time, if a backlight driver exist for the platform, this driver have to update his internal timers according to the new values.
You can imagine the same mecanism between your applications and a driver, two drivers or two applications. In this case, you have to be notified when modification are done in this registry. Use the CeFindFirstRegChange,CeFindNextRegChange, CeRegGetNotificationInfo, CeRegTestSetValueWand and CeFindCloseRegChange functions for this.

- Nicolas

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