Monday, February 11, 2008

Dynamic JIT Debugging [Updated]

Booting a device with the debugger is sometime a real challenge due to the stability of the device. So loading the debugger later could be the solution. To do so, we have to include the JIT debugger files in the Windows Embedded CE binary image, to launch it when required.
If the debugger is not launched exceptions are not handled correctly, and second chance exceptions neither.

Inclusion of the JIT Debugger
In the project.bib file of the current OSDesign, add the following lines in the FILES section :
kd.dll $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\kd.dll NK SHK
osaxst0.dll $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\osaxst0.dll NK SHK
osaxst1.dll $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\osaxst1.dll NK SHK

The files are added to the FILES instead of the MODULE section to ensure that the debugger will not be launched 'till you launch it manually.
[Update 07/25/08] You can also include the loaddbg.exe file to the runtime image to avoid the loading of this files over KITL. But do not include hd.dll, otherwise the debugger will be started automatically at startup.

OSDesign configuration
Select the following options for the OSDesign:
- Unselect Kernel debugger
- Enable KITL

Launch the debugger
To launch the debugger when required, you just have to launch the loaddbg.exe application using the target control window.
s loaddbg.exe
Note : When activating the debugger, the system may take few seconds load all the symbols files from your hard drive.

- Nicolas

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