Friday, June 1, 2007

Windows CE 6.0 remote tools over activesync workaround

A lot of Windows CE 6.0 users have troubles with activesync and remote tools, they can't connect to a Windows CE device to use their favorite remote tool.

There are some pre-requirement for using the remote tools.

  1. Add the 'C++ Runtime Support for Exception Handling and Runtime Type Information' component to your OSdesign
  2. Use the remote tools not from the VS2005 menu but from the 'Start Menu' in Progams -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 -> Visual Studio Remote Tools
  3. Open your favorite remote tool, and go to the Target -> Connectivity Options ... menu
  4. Select the Platformbuilder entry and edit the properties
  5. Set- Transport to TCP Connect Transport - Startup Server to Activesync Startup provider
  6. Validate and connect to the device using that entry.


aegi said...


This work fine for the most remote tools. Unfortuntately for example the kerneltracker is not available under the VS2005 tools.

Any idea how to use this tool? The only solution I found for the moment is to start a manual server...

Cheers, Andi

nikhil said...

Hi Andi,
Are you able to use Remote kernel tracker on windows mobile 6 platform? How do you do it?
I don't have platform builder and I get a downloading timeout everytime I try downloading the windows ce6.0 evaluation edition. Hence I am trying to copy celog.dll and celogflush.exe into windows directory and try to read celog.clg. OR is there any other way to do CPU/thread profiling?
I am having a tough time figuring this out and would really appreciate any pointers regarding this.


manicsathesh said...

Excellant hint...Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicolas,

This information helped me to resolve the issue of using Remote Tools for WinCE6.0 device.

Thanks a lot.